He's Father, Husband And Best Friend - He's Every Woman And Child's Dream Come True

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For decades, statistics have shown that men receive far less recognition and praise as the way women do, except that is, in their work places where they are usually the ones selected to lead and later honoured in the corporate world for their outstanding performances. Then, it is also a known fact that men tend not to receive the more lavish gifts like the women and when they do, they are the ones left with paying the bills for the gift that would have been bought. For 2012 and beyond, join me and let's change that! After all, he is father, he is husband and best friend. He is a family man, a source of  security, a spiritual leader and the strength of the woman. He is the hero that everyone looks up to. He is the role model that his children, especially his sons wants to emulate. He is provider, the bread winner if you please, he is a mentor, teacher and comforter - he is every woman and child's dream come true.

Now you might be wondering what can you do differently this time around. A good place to start is to show the man in your life how much you really love and appreciate him. Let him know by what you do differently this time that he is really special. How about you giving the back massage instead of an outside therapist? You are the one who is always going to get the pedicure and the manicure. Well, how about you giving that service to him as a special token and expression of your love? You may even want to give him a break and you take out the trash for this week instead.

So special he is that Angel C Hale I believe have expressed it better than I could have when she said, "As I consider the many men who have touched my life along my journey, I am awed by the ways each of them has added to who I am. Their strength has reminded me of my own personal power, even when I felt like I had no strength left to be found. Every one of them has shown me some aspect of the grace behind exuding confidence even in the face of fear, the beautiful benefits of being assertive while maintaining the dignity of others, and most importantly, the art of staying tender and open to words, thoughts and ideas of others without being frail or defensive. These and so many other qualities are gifts I gratefully receive from the men I meet along my journey. I am blessed to know each of you. Men of my dreams!"

As women you and I were not called to be strong, but each one of us as the woman of his strength, we are charged to give him that safe place of rest that he can now lay his head and especially his heart down. It is true that anyone can be a father but it takes great courage and the encouragement of our soft spoken words for a father to become a Dad. I believe that he is the good man and the Dad so well spoken of in Proverbs 13: 22a that he leaves an inheritance for his children's children. Not only does he leave wealth but he enriches his children by the legacy that he leaves behind for them to follow.

Let us honour our fathers in a way like never before not only for their love, wisdom and guidance, but for showing us the way and helping us all to get there. Happy Father's Day! We honor and we love you!

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