The Celebration Of A New Beginning

A brand new day has dawned upon us and it is filled with the blessed hope for a bright future. Yesterday is passed with all of its cares, troubles, trials and pain. You hold this day and the next, our very future you hold in your hands. So now we look unto the hills from whence cometh all our help, with the understanding that our help comes from you. Father we come not in our own strength nor in our own righteousness, but we come in the magnificent and precious name of your Son, Jesus. You are the Creator of everything, whether visible or in-visible, and you are the final disposer of all things. You are the Father of mercies, the God of comfort and peace and for that all the glory, praise and honor we givve to you.

All around the world many will gather in the assembly of the church congregation to celebrate your sovereignty, your majesty, your mighty acts, to praise you and to worship you in spirit and in truth. May your Spirit breathe life anew and work within each one of us. Draw your people closer to you. Minister salvation to draw the lost from the strongholds, the snares and traps of the enemy and win the backsliders back to you. Prepare each heart to be receptive to your word so that it may take root and bring forth fruits of righteousness.
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