A New Home For Empowerment Moments

There is no place like home - your own home that is, and one that you were able to build from ground up with very minimal assistance.   

Thank you to all my blog friends, followers and visitors to Empowerment Moments Blog, affectionately called EMoments. For those of you that have been following closely, you would have noticed the different transformation phases that this website has gone through over the past months. It has now come to it's final phase and I am pleased to announce to you that Empowerment Moments now have its' own website at URL http://www.empowermentmoments.com/ It has been done in such a way that you are able to navigate much easier from one page to the next, ie from this page to Empowerment And Life Quotes, Prayer Without Ceasing and back to the main home page

As time goes by additional services would be provided. In the meantime, I invite you to take a walk through. I hope that you love it just as much as I do, and just in case you don't, I am open to suggestions. :)

NB: If you have been blessed by what has been shared thus far, I trust that you would be encouraged to share the blessing with others and provide them with the link as well. God bless you!

Mwah!!! Have a great day. 


  1. Hi Yvonne:
    Happy to be a late comer and glad to have been welcomed with such grace. Love the blog and will be a frequent visitor.

    1. Hi Chris:
      It has really been a humbling experience for me along this journey...meeting you and so many other friends out here in blogosphere. As I visit your blog daily, I am so encouraged and inspired to do and to be more of who God has called me to be. And as I am led to do, and as you have already granted permission I would definitely love to feature your column right here on EMoments.


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