Hold Your Head Up High!

Hold your head up high, the sky is the limit; 
Walk tall, your dreams are reality,
no jokes! no gimmicks!
Keep your focus, you're here for a purpose.
It's in Him you find peace and joy
Encapsulated in His presence
under immunity, the enemy's weapons
God's anointing will destroy!

Keep on holding your head up high,
Don't ever look back, nothing to gain, 
that's a fact!
Lot's wife turned around and came to a screeching halt
being turned into a pillar of salt.
But you, hold your head up high;
keep the right attitude.
Nothing to loose except you'll gain high altitude.
God's promises are yea and amen,
all your needs He said He will supply until the very end.

Seize this moment of now, walk by faith
and not by sight.
God's going to make a way somehow - not 
by power, not by might but by His Spirit.
Your words, they are containers of power. 
Release them, your mountains they can remove
no matter the time of day, no matter the hour.
Only believe, remain faithful
and by faith, whatsoever you asked for, you shall receive!

Hold your head up high, you'll never walk the path alone 
the apple of my eye, my precious gem.
No height, no depth, no valley so deep
can change my love for thee.
Let it burn within you like a refining fire
Until it fills your soul with chaste desire.

Hold your head up high and run to me!
I am the key to your future.
The 20/20 vision, the eagles' eyes that will allow you to see
all that is in store for you. 
The hope for tomorrow, and all things made new
I am the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of your valley,
the bridge over your troubled water.
So look no further
Hold your head up high and run to me!
I AM He, the Alpha and Omega!

Author: Yvonne I. Wilson (2013)
All rights reserved.


  1. Very poetic....very inspiring. hold your head up high. It is truly by faith we can hold our head up high knowing that our Father is in charge of our lives and has made us more than conquerors.

    1. Absolutely Pastor Ava, in total agreement with you! Love the affirmation, WE ARE WINNERS!

  2. This is awesome! An on time word! God bless you as always.

  3. Appreciate the feedback Janelle and to God be all the glory. Have a blessed day!


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