Your Make or Break Moment and the 5 Key Indicators That You Are On The Verge Of A Comeback

We've all had one of those moments in life when one single decision was all that it took and we were brought to that make or break moment. You got the email or the telephone call that said, hey, you got the contract - signed, sealed, delivered, it's yours or, on the other hand, a business deal that just went terribly wrong and you lost out on a fantastic offer. Maybe one of those moments when he/she fell more deeply in love with you and wanted to get closer or he/she was no longer attracted to you and considered leaving you. 

How about when folks suddenly start acting differently with you even though you know deep within your heart you handled the situation extremely well - going by the rules, dotting all the 'i's' and crossing all the 't's' and saying all of the right words. 

Don't Just Sit There....Get Up And Do Something

"The basic thing is that everyone wants happiness, no one wants suffering. And the happiness mainly comes from our own attitude, rather than from external factors. If your own mental attitude is correct, even if you remain in a hostile atmosphere, you feel happy." ~ Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama 

We are living in a technologically advanced era where I believe that the opportunity for self-improvement and self-advancement are right there at our finger tips. There is no shortage of the resources that will enable anyone who so desires to jump start his/her life one way or another and bring that "wow" moment. But the truth is, it is not always that easy and as some would say, 'easier said than done.'

There are those occasional moments when you will feel stuck in a particular place in your life. There are those awkward times, you will feel lost - and you tell yourself you can't believe that this thing is happening to you. You've probably read all the ten steps guide to a happier new you and how to be successful in life.

In The Habit Of Procrastinating Or Are You A Go Getta

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For many years I suffered from that deadly thing called procrastination. I was constantly in the habit of putting off doing tasks and projects until the following day, the next and even the next week what I needed to accomplish on the given day. It became a compulsive, habitual pattern of behavior in my life and it grew increasingly worst during the years I was working on completing my Masters Business Administration degree program. I was just terrible at getting my assignments completed on time, simply because I kept telling myself when tomorrow comes, I will get right to it. "Never boast about tomorrow. You don't know what will happen between now and then." (Proverbs 27:1 GNT)

Drop The Act And Treat Others As You Want Them To Treat You

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Don't look down on me because of my skin color or
because the sun has tanned me. 
Find it within your heart to look beyond all that and 
see the intricate, priceless beautiful artistry of this body, soul and spirit that I am
Of the one whose divine wisdom created me, gave me life and 
placed me in my mother's womb.
I am God's little one, like a lily among the thorns, 
tender as a young plant among the forest of grown trees, 
but with nurturing, awaiting my time to burst into full bloom.

Video and Lyrics -Take Me To The King by Tamela Mann

This is a very powerful song. It touched the core of my heart and soul today as I listened intently to it. It is a representation of what I go through at times, especially in my prayer time when I just can't seem to find the words to pray. Blessings and more empowerment to the woman of God, Tamela Mann. Take a listen to her latest release and be blessed! 

Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart

Okay, February 14th is celebrated in many places around the world as Valentine's Day. It is nice to know for those who observe it, especially that candy, flowers, gifts, greeting cards will be exchanged between friends, lovers and loved ones. There will even be candle light dinners and some on romantic getaways all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is St. Valentine and what makes him such a legend that even after his death so many years ago, people still carry on his memory by observing this day as Valentine's Day. Here are a number of suggestions to this age old question.

Finding Your Keys To Success In Economically Trying Times

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I believe that success is a journey and it takes faith and huge amounts of courage. I further believe that it is never earned, but rather achieved through hard work and ones undaunted, unfettering strategic approaches to their given assignments, tasks and responsibilities. While some may consider wealth, trust fund, property, and real estate as key indicators by which to measure a man's worth and his success, it is my deep conviction that success is determined by the number of obstacles that you had to overcome in order to first get you on track and then keep you on course with your purpose and destiny.

So, what drives us to succeed? What motivates us that we would leave the confines and more so the comforts of our homes and drive or perhaps walk for miles away each day, sometimes through the heat of the sun, the sleeting rain, the wind chills, the blizzard storm and the snow storms?

Withstanding The Test Of Adversity

Have you ever wondered why is it that when the storms of life try to knock you down, rivers of problems attempt to get you swept away and droppings of negativity are constantly thrown at you, you are still left standing? If that has been your thought, then journey with me into the depths of adversity and find out the answer to this question.

Adversity , also referred to as tribulation, is a condition of suffering, destitution, misfortune, an enemy or someone through whom our adversary Satan works, designed to frustrate your purpose. Contrary to some beliefs that adversity is such a bad thing, and you are faced with it as a form of punishment for your sins, the truth is, you and I were born for adversity. (Proverbs 17:17b) Born for it that we may withstand or overcome it and in turn help someone else through it. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

Adversity signals the end of one season of your life and it's a sign that you are transitioning into your next. There is a prize set before you but the adversary sees that you are reaching for it and tries to prevent you from reaching your destiny.

Word Of Inspiration - The Power Of Love

Love is a power, it is life and it is light! It reveals to us that which are hidden under normal circumstances. Love transforms, and it manifests itself in unimaginable ways - not just from the one who gives it, but the one who is poised and ready to receive it. Love saves, it heals, love forgives, love covers a multitude of sins/faults, it restores peace in places where there is war and confusion. Love is like a bond that has the the power to unite. Love knows no color, and there is no speech nor language in which love is not felt and or known. Love is empowering and endearing. It is soothing as well as it is captivating. It is a spark that can ignite a fire and keep the flames burning eternally. Love is not limited by height, depth, length nor breath.

The Power Of God's Acceptance

"He is near that justifieth me; who will contend with me? let us stand together: who is mine adversary? let him come near to me. Behold, the Lord God will help me; who is he that shall condemn me? (Isaiah 50:8-9a)

If God be on our side, and grants us mercy and favor through His Son Jesus Christ, who can be against us? If God says His chosen ones are acceptable to Him, can anyone bring charges against them or can anyone condemn them? No indeed! As children of God, we have an answer ready to all accusations and a security to all condemnation! This according to Romans 8:33-34. "Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth." This is the power of God's acceptance we received having accepted Christ into our hearts as Lord and Savior of our lives.

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