Finding Your Keys To Success In Economically Trying Times

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I believe that success is a journey and it takes faith and huge amounts of courage. I further believe that it is never earned, but rather achieved through hard work and ones undaunted, unfettering strategic approaches to their given assignments, tasks and responsibilities. While some may consider wealth, trust fund, property, and real estate as key indicators by which to measure a man's worth and his success, it is my deep conviction that success is determined by the number of obstacles that you had to overcome in order to first get you on track and then keep you on course with your purpose and destiny.

So, what drives us to succeed? What motivates us that we would leave the confines and more so the comforts of our homes and drive or perhaps walk for miles away each day, sometimes through the heat of the sun, the sleeting rain, the wind chills, the blizzard storm and the snow storms?

Do we get up out of our warm bed because it is just another day, and rather than relaxing at home on the couch in front of the TV with a six pack and a bag of potato chips, we go to a 9-5 that at the least what we earn the bills can get paid and some little thing will be left that we can pleasure ourselves? I hardly think the latter is the case for any of us.

I have never met anyone who did not have success on their mind one way or another. We have all been predesignated by God for this thing called success. We are a beautiful 3 dimensional image of the prototype God has placed on this earth to replicate kingdom dynasty and kingdom success. Everything He has done and continues to do in the earth through these economically challenging times, it is to strategically position us to have favorable accomplishments. Each day God's Spirit brings a fresh impetus of His mind that we can embrace not just the global and economic challenges that are upon us, but that our vision is fine tuned to see the new portals of success that will open up in these times.

"Do not be afraid, Abram. I will shield you from danger and give you a great reward." (Genesis 15:1b GNB)
God spoke those words to Abram. It was to give him the assurance that He will be his shield and covering from all that was going on around him at that time.

But the question for us remain unanswered. How do we access what God has for us? What are the keys for success? Can we be certain that we can trust this same God of Abram that we will attain the same blessing and favor? While there is no magic formula, I say yes we can trust God to bring it to pass. These are simple keys to follow:

  • Get into your position. You may be at the right place of your assignment but still not in position. Our greatest good comes about when we are in total submission and obedience to God.
  • Create a list of all your assets (strengths) and liabilities (weaknesses). Zero in on those strengths and build on them. Partner with others who have similarities as yours.
  • Channel your energy and the resources that you have into creating your own brand and niche in the market. No two are alike. You are your own brand, promote it. 
  • Sow seeds for the physical harvest at the appointed times and seasons, while you sow seeds for your spiritual harvest all year round. It makes no sense to sow tomato seeds out of season but it makes all the sense in the world to sow seeds of love, faith and hope all year through.
  • Give to others out of the 'Less than" that you have and not out of the "more than" or the excess you find yourself with. Do all things out of love.
  • Unite and network with other believers and be on one accord with them - one place in heart, mind and spirit. 
  • Maintain a high spirit of gladness, joy and hope. Saturate the atmosphere with prayer, praise and worship to God. 
  • Freedom of speech when directed in the right way gives you kingdom authority and can change our situation.   
It is my prayer that you have been blessed. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this, it's very helpful. And I'm glad the recession is slowly rolling past.

    1. Hi Myne, indeed there is a light coming through. Everyone would be relieved when it's past.

  2. This is a boost of encouragement, certainly uplifted my spirit.


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