Thoughts and Prayers for Moore Oklahoma Tornado Victims and Survivors

AP photo by Sue Ogrocki
A massive tornado ripped through Moore Oklahoma City this afternoon leaving much damage and many injured in its wake. According to CNN, the tornado is estimated to have been nearly two (2) miles wide, and more than 171,000 may have been its' path, including at least one elementary school. Unfortunately the primary medical center in the area was also damaged and evacuated, which means that the injured will need to be transported to other nearby hospitals.

The tornado today isn't a stand-alone event. Over the entire weekend large areas of Oklahoma were hit by devastating storms that have left several people dead, as many as 300 homes damaged and destroyed, and entire towns leveled.

The AP photo above by Sue Ogrocki of Moore Oklahoma, truly is just one of the many heartbreaking images. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who have been affected by this unimaginable tragedy.

I respectfully ask that you use the comment section for prayers and or words of encouragement as it relates to this disaster.

God bless everyone


  1. Dear God we are lost for words as we turn to you in this time of greatest need for comfort and strength. Hearts are broken by the loss of lives and the damaging effects that these tornados have left in their path. You know all things God and in spite of what has already transpired, yet we hope for the best possible outcome. For those involved in the rescue and recovery efforts, may you grant them the grace, and courage to persevere. We ask for your mercy in Jesus name, amen


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