Prayer: Late In The Midnight Hour, Here Comes Your Breakthrough

God of grace, mercy and truth, I cast all of my cares upon you. I come to your spiritual ATM and withdraw strength from you. Let the surplus of strength begin to reflect in every area of my life while there be a deficit in my weakness. I receive the fullness of joy in my life according to your promise and I cast down sadness. I declare vengeance be yours as you overturn every satanic and diabolical plot attempting to cause me to stumble or fall. Cut down every Goliath of hatred, jealousy, envy, and malice and replace them O God with love, peace and your Spirit of oneness of heart and mind. I declare success in every area of my life. Everything that I set my hands to do shall prosper and bring forth fruits of righteousness for your glory and honor.

I thank you God that the blood of Jesus prevails - that while I was still speaking Jesus fixed it for me, that late in the midnight hour you've worked it in my favour, and that my spiritual red sea opens up for my safe crossing over into my new place of success, wealth, promotion, and increase.. I declare my name to be associated with all things good, noble, true, authentic, credible and praise worthy. I declare victory to be mine today and that all my spiritual enemies become a part of Jesus' footstool until the day of judgement in Jesus name amen. 


  1. Lovely prayer! I am encouraged.

    1. God bless and know that all things work for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose


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