Prayer When You Are In Trouble And Distress

Dear God, we come to you as humbly as we know how, yet boldly as your word declares. We come to this place asking for your mercy and grace, especially where there is trouble, distress, and unrest in our lives. The journey gets rough, but your word is certain that you will make every crooked place in our lives straight. We encounter darkness as we journey through the valley of the shadow of death, but be it according to your word, we fear no evil because thou art with us and thy rod and thy staff shall comfort us. Let not our enemies rejoice over us because you promise to be the light even when we sit in darkness.

Arise in us we pray to give us the victory and cause our enemies to scatter to the point of no return. Superimpose your prophetic word over our lives and destroy and cancel negativity and every diabolical plan of those that have set themselves up against us. We thank you Lord that the weapons they formed against us shall not prosper and you will exonerate us with the truth in Jesus name. Amen.


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