A Piece Of My Passion

No one is good at everything. You need me and I need you. No one has all the answers, let's just admit it beyond a shadow of a doubt, you know that it's true. I cannot imagine what my life would be without yours. I'm so lost without you - you are the air that I breathe. I need you, I can't be without you. With you I have found my secret resting place where I can lay down my heart and trust in you that it is safe.

Your love is unconditional and it's like no other. A breath of fresh air, my sweet perfume and my refining fire. I awaken each morning and I am mesmerized by your loving presence caressing my spirit with your strength, your charm and your charisma, it's a reflection of heaven. Your arms they embrace me and I forget all my worries and my cares. Not to mention my weakness, my limitations and my fears.

In you I find great pleasure and fullness of joy like the face of a little child whose smile light up the room as he opens his present gleaning at his favorite toy. My daily walk with you holding my hands, calmly and gently reassures me every step of the way that the time given to me here on this earth is worth the stay. The curse is broken, I have been redeemed. I have been set free, I am more than a conqueror

Who can find another like you? You inspire and motivate me to be all that I have been created to be. You made me a true reflection of your beauty, living out your dream and not my history, but certainly my destiny. I am grateful to God each day that you found me and by faith, I accepted. You convinced me that wrapped inside the body of the caterpillar was a beautiful butterfly ready to extend her wings and fly. I am re-assured by your gentle dove-like Spirit that I have a purpose and great potential, and that I can soar up on wings like an eagle beyond the blue sky.

Thank you for being there as I share my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Thank you for allowing me to share the best of me with you - never one to condemn me or be judgmental of me because of my weaknesses and my imperfections. Thank you for listening as I confide in you and for allowing me to be vulnerable without making me feel afraid of being hurt and abandoned. Thank you for giving me that safe place to lay my heart down and trust in you that it would be guarded and protected, not shattered or broken. Now I can laugh again. I can smile again. I can dream again. You are a piece of my passion.

copyright 2013 Yvonne I. Wilson

image via facebook

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