Prayer For The Those Affected By Typhoon Haiyan

Dear God we look up to you where all of our help comes from. Ever so often our lives are touched, and our hearts become heavy with grief - whether through direct circumstances or indirect situations such as natural disaster and destruction. We are extremely saddened by the report of the loss of lives and the terrible scenes of devastation that has affected the people of the Philippines and other countries in the path of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

Lives have been changed forever, landscapes will never be the same, and critical supplies such as food, water, medicine are running out or in short supply in the wake of that monster. But God, we pray first and foremost the strength and safety of the people. May faith arise where fear has been unleashed. We pray that help in ALL forms will be expedited to the disaster struck areas. We pray that rescue efforts will not be hampered in any way and people who are most in need at this time will be reached so that they can move forward to rebuild their lives without any added trauma.

We pray for rescue workers, hospital staff and all those from around the world who will come to their aid. Give them the fortitude and more of your grace to work in the midst of this chaos and such unfavorable conditions in Jesus name, amen.

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