WTWS 28 - Moving In The Right Direction

Well it's that time once again when we recap what the week past was like. We kicked off the week here on the blog with Monday's post, "The Power To Let Go And Walk Away," followed by "Moment Of Inspiration - Make A Commitment To Be Successful." I must say they both generated great interaction and discussion. Just in case you missed them and you would like to read and hear what some of our fans and subscribers had to say check out these links "The Power To Let Go And Walk Away" and "Moment Of Inspiration - Make A Commitment To Be Successful" 

Quote that impacted me the most

"I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions." ~ Stephen R. Covey

This quote jumped right out at me! So many times I have allowed my circumstances, whether past or present to make me feel 'less than' and even inadequate at times. But now I realize that while many of my circumstances would have brought me pain, unhappiness and disappointments, just to mention a few emotions, I have the power to choose knowing that my life will be shaped in the direction of my thoughts whereby I now become a product of my decision by choosing joy and an attitude of gratitude in everything that I face.

Same way, no more do you have to live with the regrets of your past nor present circumstances! Your life must be lived in full, with the knowledge that the outcome will be based on the decisions that you make each day.

From my Blog hop - my top 3 this week

John Maxwell shared great insights through post 'The Five Levels Of Leadership' here
Skip Prichard Leadership Insights shared 'Five Leadership Traits For High Performance' here
Divas With A Purpose gave a review of 'The Best Man Holiday Movie.' here

We head on over to our facebook fan page where our fans were blessed by even more inspiration. Here's a recap of the posts with the most likes. 

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