Prayer To Bring Closure To 2013

Father God we praise you and thank you today - this is the day that you have made and we will by all means rejoice and be glad in it. We thank you for all that you have done in us and through us these past months - through many dangers, toils and snares we have come. We are grateful for your power of protection and for your grace to preserve and sustain us. Like the Psalmist David, we declare had it not been for you the Lord on our side.....

We are also reminded of your word, not to remember the former things, nor the things that have passed. To enable us to do so, wash us afresh in your precious blood. Remove the stains and the remnants of the many spiritual warfare, trials, tribulations and afflictions that we have been through. Renew a right spirit within us and robe us in your garment of righteousness.

We pray God that you grant unto us the strength to finish this year strong and power to start the new year 2014. Lord according to your word, you know the thoughts and plans for our lives which is to give us peace and not evil and to give to us the expected end according to the measure of faith that we have come to believe in you. We claim that promise no and we await the manifestation/s of your blessings.

May your angels minister strength and hope to the down-trodden, the broken-hearted and may you set the captives free. Where there has been hate, pour out your grace that love may abound in our hearts and lives here upon this earth. May those that do not yet know you as Lord and Savior find grace through you and salvation would come to them before it is too late in Jesus name, amen.

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