As part of our larger vision and to ensure that the mission gets accomplished, KCPYV Ministries endeavours to maintain partnership alliances and to network globally with other ministries and where necessary private and public sector entities in order:

  • To promote and facilitate holistic healing of body, soul and spirit. 
  • To teach, promote and adhere to the Kingdom Laws and principles for success, peace and prosperity. 
  • To preach, teach and evangelize beyond the four walls through the apostolic and prophetic anointing by way of Internet, books, magazines, radio, television etc. 
  • To provide counselling and consultation based upon biblical principles for complete deliverance and reconciliation.
  • To teach, publish and disseminate biblical principles as a means by which individuals are empowered to fulfill God's original plan and purpose for their lives.
  • To provide a medium through which prayer requests are heard and addressed with uttermost confidentiality.
The ministry is committed to cultivate a commitment first to God in our service and our duties to Him; to cultivate an environment of trust and accountability; to enrich the lives of others with the truth of God's holy word; to cultivate an environment of courageousness; to cultivate an atmosphere of consistency and confidentiality; to revolutionize minds by the messages of the Kingdom of God; to empower the people of God to know their rights and privileges as citizens of the Kingdom and to motivate others for success.  

We embrace biblical principles as a foundation for everything that is done in and through the ministry and further commit to these basic facts and principles of the Kingdom that Jesus Christ is the Chief Corner Stone of the Church, that He is the Son of God, who was crucified, died, buried, resurrected, ascended back to God and is seated upon the throne at His right hand, that He is the King of kings and Lord of lords and based on God's word:
  1. He is the One that has exclusive rights or commanding authority to decree and to declare and that His decree is final. (Col.1:18; Rev.19:16; Is.40:25)
  2. He [God] appoints who He wants to become citizens of His Kingdom (John 15:16; Rom.9:15)
  3. He establishes how we as Kingdom Citizens are to approach Him. (Ps.100:1-2,4)
  4. He establishes how we are to conduct ourselves as citizens in His Kingdom. (Joshua 1:8)
  5. He provides comprehensive coverage, protection and assurance in His Kingdom. (Ps.91)
  6. He establishes the tax laws that we as citizens are required to abide by in His Kingdom (Mal.3:10; Deut.14:22-28; Prov.3:9-10)
  7. He establishes a faith based currency and proportionately dispenses it to each Kingdom Citizen. (Rom.12:3b, 4:13; Heb.11:1,6; Eph.2:8; Mark 2:5, 10:52)

Among the ministry's many Core Values are the following:
  • We value leadership to guide and motivate positive action and change in the lives of those with whom we come into contact. 
  • We value diversity and people with their individual creative gifting.
  • We value the institution of family.
  • We value accountability - being good stewards unto the Lords's resources and the quality of service we provide.
  • We value team work - 'one can chase a thousand but two can put ten thousand to flight'
  • We value order and protocol according to God's principles.
  • We value submissiveness - first unto the righteousness of God and the church leadership authority and then to each other.
  • We value mutual respect for God and the things of God. 
  • We value a Bible based teaching church and one who adheres to the Feast of the Lord's Supper, Tithing, free will offering and covenant keepers. 

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