"....and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18 (KJV) A warm welcome is extended to you and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I greet you with love and much joy. I am truly delighted to have you. God's desire is for you to live exceeding and abundant life through His Son Jesus Christ. Know that you were created to manifest His goodness and His glory. And whether you have experienced the pain of rejection, abandonment, low self esteem, God's purpose and His plan for your life is by far much greater as He makes all things work together for your good. Do enjoy what you find within these pages. I trust that you would be blessed, inspired, motivated and empowered by what you find within these pages. Do come back from time to time for updates, prophetic empowerment words, ministry events etc. May God Bless you!



Anna Buttimore said:
"You were quoted in one of our lessons in church today! I always take notes in church and put them on Facebook, and today I blogged them too so that you can see how you contributed to all we learned. (Sacrament meeting was about fathers Gospel Principles was about prayer, and Relief Society was about being accepted by by God) The link is http://annajonesbuttimore.blogspot.com/2013/06/what-i-learned-in-church-today-16th.html." The comment was left on The Power Of God's Acceptance
June 16th 2013

Michelle Garrett said:
"I love this! Especially #6 - I'm in a season where I'm learning to listen and truly hear more rather than speak and give my thought/opinions. These are all great affirmations to apply in our daily life. Thank you so much for your participation in the Divas With A Purpose Bloggers Party - you, my friend, are absolutely awesome! I'm so glad our paths crossed through the blogosphere! Have a fantastic weekend!" on 10 Life Changing Positive Affirmations
June 1st 2013

Bola Essien-Nelson a.k.a. SALT said:
Stop it! Back up! Don't you know I AM A CHILD OF GOD!!!!!
Love, love, love this! You see, this is why I love Maya Angelou! on The Week That Was Series 5: My Breaking Moment, My Turning Point
May 20th 2013

Janelle Moore said:
"Love it! A great blog post Yvonne. I believe it's in the book of Psalms where the word of God says, 'touch not mine anointed and do my servant the prophet no harm.' Folks tend to forget that there is a true living God watching our every move in the earth beholding the good, bad and the evil and to see whose heart is really turned towards Him. God will stand up and fight your battles, you just need to trust Him." on The Week That Was Series 5: My Breaking Moment, My Turning Point
May 18th 2013

Ava Baird said:
"Yes!!! I know that there is something called "process." Many times we don't want to go through the process but we want to become the end product overnight. We shurk back from process to avoid the pain but as the song says.."no pain, no gain." Great post as usual. Blessing Minister Wilson." on The 3 P's On Your Journey To An Empowered Life
May 17th 2013

Michelle Garrett said:
"This is wonderful! She sounds like an inspirational and dynamic woman! You are blessed to have her in your world Yvonne! Thank you for sharing this mother who ROCKS with us all" on Mothers Who Rock Series 1: A Motivator, Mentor and A Role Model To Many
May 11th 2012

Myne Whitman said:
"These are really great positive affirmations. I will surely be using those that hadn't been in my arsenal yet. Thanks for sharing" on 10 Life Changing Positive Affirmations
April 30th 2013

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